The euRobotics mailing list is used for disseminating technical, academic, industrial, educational and practical information about robotics in general, and about the activities of euRobotics in particular. It has become the most important source of communication within the Robotics Community.

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The euRobotics mailing list is the major means of communication among the European robotics community. The system was established in 2001 under the EURON NoE project, financed 100% by the European Commission. Software and server space were provided by the Fraunhofer Institute IAIS in Germany; moderation was executed by KUL in Leuven. As EURON distribution list, as it was called, it grew steadily. As a result of the merger of EURON and EUROP, it was handed over to euRobotics, the successor organisation of EURON and EUROP.
The euRobotics mailing list has now more than 3600 recipients, with about 10 new subscribers added every week.

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