All Members have to be organisations that can be formally represented by a person of that entity.  Members can be departments, laboratories or groups of larger entities.  Members with voting rights fall in either of two categories:  industry or research, each including further subcategories:

Industry membership:


Research membership:


Associate membership:

Associate Membership is open to trade unions, regional clusters and other stakeholders with an interest in researching, designing, developing, manufacturing, disseminating, transferring using and / or applying robotics technology or interested in supporting robotics businesses and robotics-related activities by providing services or financing

Membership Fee:

1.  Membership fees will cover the running costs of the organisation, in particular those of the Secretary-General and the euRobotics Office.

2.  All Members pay fees based on their robotics related turnover or budget, respectively:

 > Companies:
    robotics related turnover
 > RTOs and HES:
    robotics related budget* 
Annual Fee   Free registrations to the 
  European Robotics Forum 
  based on the annual fee
<= 2 Mio Euro 950 Euro 1
2-10 Mio Euro 2,500 Euro 2
10-50 Mio Euro 5,000 Euro 3
50-100 Mio Euro 10,000 Euro 4
> 100 Mio Euro 15,000 Euro 5
*maximum fee for RTO and HES members is 5,000 Euro

3.  The turnover/budget category has to be given by the applicant during the application process.

4.  As a rule of thumb HES and RTO Members are allowed to compute their budget in a similar way as when applying for EC research grants, i.e., number of full-time equivalents working for a Member multiplied with the direct costs associated to a full-time equivalent plus 20% overhead.

5. Very small companies, such as start-up companies, small research groups from RTOs and HES, in particular new groups in their phase of establishment or groups from Eastern European countries, can apply for a reduced fee to become a member with full membership rights, but without free registrations to the European Robotics Forum. The membership application has to detail the reasons for granting lower membership fees. A membership fee of 250 Euro is considered the absolute minimum in such cases. Such members will be asked to present their eligibility for this reduced membership fee to the Board of Directors in every year.

Associate members pay a fee of 250 Euros and do not receive any tickets.


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