13 March 2015

Winners of the euRobotics Awards announced

euRobotics is proud to announce this year's awards winners!

TechTransfer Awards

First prize: W. Burgard (University of Freiburg), P. Pfaff (KUKA Roboter GmbH, Augsburg), C. Sprunk (University of Freiburg) - Flexible Autonomous Navigation for Industrial Shop Floor Applications

Second prize:
S. Sander (Deepfield Robotics), F. Rahe (Amazonen Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co.KG), A. Ruckelshausen (University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück - BoniRob- Autonomous Mobile Platform for Agricultural Applications

Third Prize: S. Schätzle, B. Weber, T. Hulin (DLR), N. Sporer (SENSODRIVE), VibroTac – Tactile Access to the World

Georges Giralt Phd Award

Awardee: Jörg Stückler (University of Bonn, now at TU Munich) - Efficient Dense Registration, Segmentation, and Modeling Methods for RGB-D Environment Perception

Arash Ajoudani (University of Pisa, now at IIT Genua) - Transferring Human Impedance Regulation Skills to Robots
Pierre Cherelle (VU Brussels) - Development of New Generation Powered Prosthetic Feet with Explosive Motion Characteristics for Push-Off
Oliver Kroemer (TU Darmstadt) - Machine Learning for Robot Grasping and Manipulation

Entrepreneurship Award

First Prize: Tacterion - Michael Strohmayr
Second Prize: Reach Robotics - Silas Adekunle   
Third Prize: Q-Bot - Mathew Holloway

Intelligent Ski Service Assistant - Klas Kronander
Probot - Matti Tikanmaki   

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