Conference in High School IES Roces

Date: 26.11.2012
Time 12:00 - 14:00
City Gijón, Spain
Event Type Educational reach-out
Organisation/s name University of Oviedo - Infobotica Research Group
Event's address/ location
Description: The V robotics conference days are included on the Science Week, in which a group of researchers from Infobotica Research Group go to different institutions within Asturias to offer students a clearer view on what robots are, the fields robotic research are focused on and how these advances can improve people’s quality of life. Researchers go to these talks with several of the robots that belong to Infobotica Research Group, showing the students how to program them, the
different kinds of robotics as well as practical applications of robotics. In this conference young people are also encouraged to continue their studies at university by informing them about the different engineering degrees available (industrial, computing, telecommunications...) as well as the range of career opportunities.
Target Audience Student
Contact Rocío Fernández Cifuentes:

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