Logistics and automation with hospital robots

Date: 27.11.2012
Time 13:00 - 18:00
City Odense, Denmark
Event Type Workshop / public talk / discussion
Organisation/s name DTI robot Technology
Event's address/ location Forskerparken 10F
5230 Odense M
Description: Experience shows that transport robots can be used to optimize the logistics of blood samples, linen, trash, food, medicine and other things. Thereby, hospitals are able free time for better care from nurses, social and health care assistant, laboratory technicians and porters as well as improve their economic conditions.

For this reason, DTI Robot Technology hosts an event, November 27, which focuses on the use of transport robots in Danish hospitals. The event is part of European Robotics Week.

The event offers concrete technology demonstrations and it will concentrate on the possibilities and perspectives of implementing transport robots in Danish hospitals. It will be possible to understand the technology and its benefits and possibilities and relate this to your own forthcoming building, logistics or innovation project and ask questions along the way.

DTI Robot Technology and Hospital of Southern Jutland have just recently initiated a nine-month project to clarify whether the transport robot TUG can be used in Danish hospitals and measure the effects of the logistics optimization.

At the event, Medical Director at Hospital of Southern Jutland, Søren Aggestrup, will talk about the project from the hospitals point of view.

The event is aimed at leaders, service executives and employees who work with projects, innovation, logistics and Lean within hospitals.

In continuation of the event, it will be possible to sign up for the work group: The group will receive newsletters during the project period and get access to a dedicated website with project updates.

If you are not able to participate in the event but wish to be part of the work group, or if you have other questions regarding hospitals and robot technology, you are welcome to contact Jesper Korsgaard at DTI Robot Technology: or +45 72 20 21 15.

Where: Forskerparken 10F, Odense M
When: Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 01:00 - 5:45pm (followed by networking)
Price: DKK 495,- excluding VAT.
Target Audience Leaders, service executives and employees who work with projects, innovation, logistics and Lean within hospitals.
Contact Jesper Korsgaard

DTI Robot Technology

Phone: +45 7220 2115
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