The Robots Band

Date: 30.11.2012
Time 18:00 - 20:30
City Genova, Italy
Event Type Educational reach-out
Organisation/s name La Band degli Orsi
ONLUS per l'accoglienza dei piccoli ospiti e dei loro parenti
dell'ospedale pediatrico Giannina Gaslini di Genova.
Event's address/ location Ospedale Pediatrico Giannina Gaslini di Genova
Via Gerolamo Gaslini 5, 16147 Genova
Description: The Bears Band is a no profit society devoted to support and help little patients of the Gaslini Hospital and their parents. This event is a step in a whole project aimed to use robotics kits and small educational robots in the little patients'rooms. This project is siding the Creative Robotics one, and the Roboable project, where robotics, some softwares like Scratch and the Arduino platform are used to develop and program some devices for children with special needs.
Target Audience Little patients at Pediatric Hospital Gaslini in Genoa; Medical doctors, nurses, volunteers of the Bers Band.
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