Computer Technologies and robotics for Autism

Date: 30.11.2012
Time 15:30 - 18:00
City Genova, Italy
Event Type Workshop / public talk / discussion
Organisation/s name Scuola di Robotica

M.G. Vidotto, docente
E. Parodi, ricercatrice
Event's address/ location Badia Benedettina derlla Castagna, Genova
Conferenza organizzata dal Centro Internazionale di Studi e Formazione "Germana Gaslini" ? Settore Formativo Assistenziale
Description: Robots can be used as educational technology to help parents and therapists in teaching children with autism. Autism is a disorder affecting very young children, undermining their ability to interact socially, and communicate effectively. Sensory integration therapy is used to help children with autism get used to situations that they are sensitive to, in a fashion that is not distressing to the child. This talk will deal with experiences carried out in Genova.
Target Audience Medical doctors, social and health officers; parents and relatives.
Contact E. Micheli
G.M. Vidotto: docente
E. Parodi: ricercatrice

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